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  • The Research Unit of Industrial Automation of the Industrial Systems Institute was established in 2002, in an effort to develop Industrial Systems Technology in Greece. Research excellence has been succeeded in several aspects. As it can be confirmed from the list of research publications, the following areas have been developed: (i) nonlinear filters and stochastic control, (ii) Industrial and mobile robots (iii) Adaptive control, (iv) robust control, (v) Fault diagnosis, (vi) Dynamics and control of quantum systems (vii) Stochastic automata, (viii) Optimization. The research unit has expanded its activities and has gained international recognition as shown by the number of cross references its publications have received (more than 700 according to ISI Web of Science, Elsevier Scopus and Google Schoral h-index 17), the preparation of special sessions for international conferences and the publication of special issues for international journals. Moreover, the research unit has established its international presence through the frequent invitation to take up editorial activities for international publishing houses and to participate in international research projects proposals. From January 2015 the Research Unit publishes the Springer Journal of Intelligent Industrial Systems which is a leading publication in the area of industrial and robotic systems.